Welcome to Orbis

A personal, individual service for all your IT Support, PC training and website requirements

What you want is, if at all possible, what you get. We believe you are the expert on what you want, and we are just here to help you achieve it. Therefore we listen to what you say, advising where appropriate. If you do not know exactly what you want, then a conversation is normally enough to give us a good starting point and from there we work in a collaborative way, seeking your input at mutually agreed stages.

Website Design

A range of packages are available to give you complete flexibility, whether you want to maintain your website yourself or have us maintain it for you.

IT Support

We offer a range of IT support and technical expertise to enable you to maximise your business performance and minimise your technology problems.


Whether you want to learn how to maintain your website or learn how to use some software on your PC, we can show you how at a speed to suit you.


This may seem a strange thing to find on a website and training website but an accessible website is a website that is open to all, and includes being able to function on iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, mobile phones etc. There are also a range of ways that you can make your computer easier to use, that need not cost a penny. We can help you with these.

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